For excellent background knowledge and information on the subject of aerobatics there are only a few great books that I have read and have found good enough to recommend. These are an excellent source of solid information for those looking to really understand the world of aerobatics. They are NOT mandatory for those about to fly a thrill ride with us for fun by any means, but I have read these and many others on the subject of aerobatics to help me be develop and become a better pilot and a more effective coach, if you will allow me to be that to you.

I wish you the best of luck in your quest for knowledge about aerobatics and I hope you find it as empowering as I have. I admire you for following your dreams of flying and for living your life with passion. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you along the way. Please feel free to post as much as you like on my blog on this site.

I am always here to help all of those who are just getting interested in flying, those who are developing a solid interest in aerobatics and who are learning to fly it, and for those who are perfecting the art of flying aerobatics on their own.

I welcome all comments and opinions, even those opposed to mine, as I am still learning to be a better aerobatic pilot myself. Thank you for sharing in my only true passion in life - Aerobatics, Stunt Planes and Stunt Flying! I look forward to seeing you in the sky, my friends!

Basic Aerobatics by Michael Goulian & Geza Szurovy Buy Book from

Advanced Aerobatics by Michael Goulian & Geza Szurovy Buy Book from

Aerobatics! by Neil Williams Buy Book from

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Goulian Aerosports - Official Website

Air Combat USA - “Fighter Pilot For A Day” - Official Website

Aviat Aircraft - Official Website of Pitts S-2C

Classic Aircraft - Official Website of Waco YMF-5

Extra Aircraft - Official Website of Extra 300L

AirPower International - Official Website of Marchetti SF-260

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